Top Tactical Pen Reviews

Many individuals require carrying safety equipment with them all the time due to the requirement of self-defense. In all these cases this equipment will attract the attention of numerous people who pass by you which can many times lead to awkwardness as you are making them aware that you carry some weapon.

This would require having a weapon which can’t be easily identifiable by an untrained eye and still can be with you for your safety. Many such things are developed based on the need of the users and the outer features requirement. The way they look doesn’t attract the attention of people as they look similar to some of the normal component which we use in our daily life.

Top Tactical pens review

One such component which is designed is a tactical pen. It looks similar to a normal pen which will help you to hide that it is some kind of weapon. The number of designs and peculiarities are there in different designs which are available. Some of the top tactical pens are discussed over here.

  • Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen: This will come with a rugged steel body which will give it the desired strength. It is also coming with a mechanism of glass breaker which can help you at times when you are in a trouble without causing any harm to yourself. The ink used in this can be worked in any kind of severe outer environments to take notes.
  • Practical Tactical Pen: When there is a need to carry the weapon with you at all times then this pen will be most useful for you. It will provide an elegant design which can even help you while you are writing and also use it for the case of self-defense situation and provide an amazing combination of both.
  • Schrade Scpenbk Tactical Pen: The pen is designed in a manner that people don’t have to make a second look at it. It is great to carry this pen while you are traveling where you can’t carry a gun with you. A pen is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is just weight enough to cause serious damage in case of emergency.

There are numerous designs of Tactical Pens available for use based on the need. One should select the one which best suits their requirement and application for them. It will help them to carry the desired weapon for defense and still don’t attract the attention of a number of people.

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The best ear muffs for shooting

Shooting will produce a large amount of noise which can cause serious damage to your ears. It is required that you select the right variety of ear muffs which can effectively protect your ears. These earmuffs will filter down the noise which is produced by the shooting to make the least voice reach your ears. Finally, it will help in protecting your ears from suffering any kind of damage.

There are many different types of ear muffs available based on the application. One should select based on their requirement for the desired usage. It will require filtering down the different kinds of ear muffs which are available and selecting the one which best satisfies our needs for the application for which we are intending to purchase.

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The 3 Best Ear Muffs for shooting

Many ranges of ear muffs are available which can be selected based on the need of the user. We have discussed here few of the ear muffs which are highly preferred for use by the number of users. Each of these ear muffs is having their own particular peculiarity based on which they carry their own importance.

  • Two Pack Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sports Electronic Earmuff Set: This ear muff will be highly preferred by you as it provides two benefits. One of them is the protection which it provides from the noise and second include that even with the earmuff on you can hear and communicate with another individual. It provides the noise reduction of around 22 dB while the major noise cancellation is about 82 dB.
  • Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01902 Shooting Earmuff: It is a set which is providing a higher quality of noise reduction. Its range of noise reduction is 30 dB and when there is dangerous noise it will provide the noise cancellation of 82 dB. Even it can be plugged in any of the mp3 device available to have the music and media.
  • Walker’s alpha series power muffs: The appearance which it carries gives the feeling that it is applicable outdoors only. Yet the design which is provided is just for improving the visual appeal than anything else. Even when you are wearing this ear muffs you will be able to hear the noises of the people and animals while you are on hunting.

There is a number of ear muffs available and each one of them has their own unique differences. One should select the best one based on their specific need of noise reduction and protecting ears from any kind of damage.

Best dog training whistles

Do you know about dog whistles?  Earlier people whistled and later the dog whistles were manufactured. The dog whistles are effective as it gives a clue for the dog to do or not do something. It is effective for obedience training and also for command training.

Reasons to use dog whistle

  • If you failed in teaching your dog to get your commands, use a whistle it offers a fresh start.
  • Some dogs have selective hearing and they may end up ignoring your voice as you want them to, but a whistle is sharp and louder to ignore.
  • Dog whistles go farther than human voice and it means even if your dog roams far off the leash, it can listen and get back to you.

The 6 Best dog training whistles

Mudder dog training whistle

This whistle is light and convenient to carry as it has a lanyard, features adjustable frequency that you can use it even if you have more than one dog.

Ancol dog whistles

These are cheap and good as a starting point. It can be adjusted as per your dog requirement, but is less accurate than expensive whistle options.

RUFF dog whistle

This comes with money back guarantee and extra perks. It is adjustable, lightweight and compact, making it easy for carrying. It comes with instructions and hefty price tag.

Ultrasonic dog whistle

This is the name that can be bought online, it has no lanyard or any basic features, and has only one frequency.

Acme solid silver dog whistle

This is suitable for hunting dogs. It is extremely special and is suitable if you have money to spend on a whistle. It comes in three colors and in a presentation box.

Lupo dog whistle

This is a rigid and strong whistle with adjustable frequency. Lupo provides money back guarantee if it fails to work. It comes with a lanyard, an ebook training free guide and adjustable frequencies.


  • Look for a whistle that is easy to clean. it should not have too many crannies or nooks to trap dirt.
  • Consider the durability as whistles end up taking few scrapes and knocks, so go for a model standing up to wear and tear.
  • Choose an easy to replace whistle. The whistle may look great in antique silver, but in case it gets lost or breaks, getting another same piece is difficult. Thus, set the tone of the whistle that can be replaced.

Gun Safe Reviews by Jenni | SentrySafe G0135 Black Safe 5 Long Gun Maximum Capacity Safe

This is almost more of a strong box then a gun safe. But I have to admit that this is probably the sturdiest and best build quality item that I have come across at this price range. Sure, granted, if you slap down a few grand you’ll end up with a much better safe but really, this one takes the cake in its price range.

It is listed as a 5 (rifle) gun safe, however, if you have large scopes attached to them you might find that you’ll only be able to store 3 or 4 long rifles. None the less enough room for me. Speaking of room, if you have rifles barreled longer than 24” you might want to modify the shelf a little bit. It is an easy fix to simple hotglue 2 wood strips to the sides of the safe and elevate the shelf. I got this tip from reading other gun safe reviews, it is a great modification that requires little more than 5 minutes.

I have this guns safe inside my bedroom closet. I have one handgun laying on the top shelf and two shotguns and a long rifle standing upright. It may not be a fireproof safe but that is not the point. I simply wanted my long rifles (and guns) safely stored and easy accessible. I cannot stress enough that I really feel that I spend my money well and the research I did on Amazon payed off. I don’t think there is a better safe in the $200 price range, which is, a low price to pay for safety of your kids and family.

All in all, I’ll recommend this safe to anyone that is looking for a very sturdy, price friendly, easy to install (long) gun safe. I would recommend getting this from Amazon as they are very trustworthy of course and also ship fast. Oh yea, you could also read more reviews as I did before I bought this one. It will really help you get your moneys worth!

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With a capacity for five large firearms, The SentrySafe G0135 Black Five Long Gun Safe protects your rifles and shotguns and keeps them safely out of unwanted hands. This affordable no-nonsense gun safe has several features that provide safe and practical firearm storage, including concealed hinges, live-locking bolts, and a carpeted interior.

The SentrySafe G0135 has several innovative features to help keep your guns protected and organized. The gun rack neatly holds up to five long guns such as hunting rifles and shotguns. A fixed shelf above the rack allows you to store and organize smaller items such as handguns, ammunition, cleaning supplies, and other gear.

To protect your valuable firearms against scratches and other damage, the gun safe is carpeted on the interior up to the gun holders. A durable black powder-coat finish on the safe’s exterior offers a handsome look and many years of maintenance-free use.

Dependable Construction for Safe Gun Storage

Featuring an eight-lever security key with double-bit key, two live-locking steel bolts, and a solid steel door with concealed hinges for added security, the SentrySafe G0135 is crafted to provide years of safety and dependable service. Designed with the ability to be bolted easily to the floor using the included mounting hardware, this safe comes with instructions for simple do-it-yourself installation.

Now make sure you get the best gun cleaner around before you store your guns. This will safe you cleaning everything too much.

This SentrySafe G0135 measures 53.5 x 11.8 x 9.5 inches (HxWxD) inside to deliver a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. It measures 55 x 12 x 11.5 inches outside and weighs 72 pounds. The safe is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty and meets the California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety.

About SentrySafe

With family ownership spanning three generations and 79 years, SentrySafe is an award-winning security leader, producing more security containers than any other company in the world. SentrySafe is dedicated to providing quality, affordable, innovative products that meet rigorous UL and ETL testing standards to ensure that valuables are protected from theft, fire, and water. SentrySafe manufactures many of its products in the U.S.A. Gun Safe Reviews

What’s in the Box

SentrySafe G0135 Black Five Long Gun Maximum Capacity Safe, two double-bit keys, and mounting hardware.

Secure Protection for Peace of Mind

With the SentrySafe G0135, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing your firearms are secure. Thanks to its eight-lever security key with double-bit key, solid steel door with concealed hinges, and two live-locking steel bolts, the safe will give you peace of mind knowing that no one else will have easy access to your firearms and that your guns and your family members are safe.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Leather Dog Collars


Having a dog is good because apart from company, it will give you protection and help. Taking care of a dog is a demanding task which involves buying food, washing the dog and taking it for walks. Of course a good companion deserves such. Apart from that, dogs need collars which act as identification items and retraining it should it get angry and violent. The former is less common but it happens. There are very many collars around the world but a leather collar remains the common and most preferred design. However, how do you choose a leather collar to fit your dog without problems? Here are tips of choosing the best leather dog collars.

The Style of the Dog Collar

Not a common preference for people but people tend to choose different styles because of class or something like that. There is some class that comes with using leather items including a dog collar. When it comes to style, some dog collars are designed with stud, spikes while others are just plain but have different knitting styles. It all comes down to what you as the dog owner prefers. Style also involves color choice. A dog collar comes with colors like yellow, pink, blue and of course the original brown. Some of the best leather dog collars have suede colors.

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The Comfort of the Dog Color

An animal feels pain and sometimes dogs feel uncomfortable if the color is cutting their neck or too tight. When buying a dog color, find a suitable on depending on the size of your dog. The main consideration is actually comfort other factors come later. There are three types of collars when it comes to comfort. There is a soft padded collar which is a favorite for many dogs. The other one is wide colors which fit bigger dogs and then there is a hard edged collar. The last one is very uncomfortable but sometimes necessary for rough dogs.

The Durability of the Collar

One outstanding factor is durability which means you have to check the quality of what you are buying otherwise you risk tear and wear after a month or so. You may ask if leather can tear and wear within a short time. Well, that’s true and if you get poor quality leather collar, you are exposing yourself more. Ensure you get a durable leather collar if you want the best for your dog.


A dog having a collar is one culture that will not die anytime soon. Make sure you get your dog the best leather dog collars based on factors provided above.

Where Should You Install Your Gun Safe?

Gun safes are available in various forms, based on where owners wish to install them. Most of these are designed to be free-standing. However, this makes them too apparent and in-your-face, and these can easily be identified at first glance. Some gun owners like to put them on walls or the floor. As a gun safe owner, or someone who is planning to buy such a safe soon, it is important to determine first where you would like to set it up.


Determine whether you would like to keep your safe concealed, and in an area that is away from sight. If you live in a state that is too stringent with gun ownership and display, it is best to install your safe in a location that is not frequented by outsiders. This could be your bedroom, library or meditation room.

Space away from children’s rooms

Children happen to be a curious lot, and it is best that you install your gun safe in a spot that is away from their room. If you are using a mechanical or keypad lock safe, there is high probability that your kid will sneak up from behind, see the combination number and remember it for easy access to your gun when you are not around.

Pro Tip: The best way to keep children out is by using a top fingerprint scanner safe.

Away from fire

Guns and ammo should always be kept away from fires. Never install a gun safe in a space close to the kitchen or fireplace. Do not set it up in a room above or below your kitchen. Even if the room is beneath your kitchen, a fire hazard can make your kitchen collapse and fall directly on your gun cabinet. Also avoid setting it up in your garage, where there could be flammable chemicals such as paint thinners or gasoline. In a severe fire, any spot with a concrete slab is best. The first-floor area, over a crawl space, is also a good spot to keep your safe in.

Away from humidity, moisture and water

Such things can damage your safe and eventually, your gun. It is often that gun owners set up gun safes and cabinets in the basement due to concrete slab floors in that spot. However, if you have a humid basement, you should make use of a dehumidifier for reducing the level of humidity. This will prevent any damage to your safe. Make sure that the basement does not fall in a flood zone.