Where Should You Install Your Gun Safe?

Gun safes are available in various forms, based on where owners wish to install them. Most of these are designed to be free-standing. However, this makes them too apparent and in-your-face, and these can easily be identified at first glance. Some gun owners like to put them on walls or the floor. As a gun safe owner, or someone who is planning to buy such a safe soon, it is important to determine first where you would like to set it up.


Determine whether you would like to keep your safe concealed, and in an area that is away from sight. If you live in a state that is too stringent with gun ownership and display, it is best to install your safe in a location that is not frequented by outsiders. This could be your bedroom, library or meditation room.

Space away from children’s rooms

Children happen to be a curious lot, and it is best that you install your gun safe in a spot that is away from their room. If you are using a mechanical or keypad lock safe, there is high probability that your kid will sneak up from behind, see the combination number and remember it for easy access to your gun when you are not around.

Pro Tip: The best way to keep children out is by using a top fingerprint scanner safe.

Away from fire

Guns and ammo should always be kept away from fires. Never install a gun safe in a space close to the kitchen or fireplace. Do not set it up in a room above or below your kitchen. Even if the room is beneath your kitchen, a fire hazard can make your kitchen collapse and fall directly on your gun cabinet. Also avoid setting it up in your garage, where there could be flammable chemicals such as paint thinners or gasoline. In a severe fire, any spot with a concrete slab is best. The first-floor area, over a crawl space, is also a good spot to keep your safe in.

Away from humidity, moisture and water

Such things can damage your safe and eventually, your gun. It is often that gun owners set up gun safes and cabinets in the basement due to concrete slab floors in that spot. However, if you have a humid basement, you should make use of a dehumidifier for reducing the level of humidity. This will prevent any damage to your safe. Make sure that the basement does not fall in a flood zone.