Best dog training whistles

Do you know about dog whistles?  Earlier people whistled and later the dog whistles were manufactured. The dog whistles are effective as it gives a clue for the dog to do or not do something. It is effective for obedience training and also for command training.

Reasons to use dog whistle

  • If you failed in teaching your dog to get your commands, use a whistle it offers a fresh start.
  • Some dogs have selective hearing and they may end up ignoring your voice as you want them to, but a whistle is sharp and louder to ignore.
  • Dog whistles go farther than human voice and it means even if your dog roams far off the leash, it can listen and get back to you.

The 6 Best dog training whistles

Mudder dog training whistle

This whistle is light and convenient to carry as it has a lanyard, features adjustable frequency that you can use it even if you have more than one dog.

Ancol dog whistles

These are cheap and good as a starting point. It can be adjusted as per your dog requirement, but is less accurate than expensive whistle options.

RUFF dog whistle

This comes with money back guarantee and extra perks. It is adjustable, lightweight and compact, making it easy for carrying. It comes with instructions and hefty price tag.

Ultrasonic dog whistle

This is the name that can be bought online, it has no lanyard or any basic features, and has only one frequency.

Acme solid silver dog whistle

This is suitable for hunting dogs. It is extremely special and is suitable if you have money to spend on a whistle. It comes in three colors and in a presentation box.

Lupo dog whistle

This is a rigid and strong whistle with adjustable frequency. Lupo provides money back guarantee if it fails to work. It comes with a lanyard, an ebook training free guide and adjustable frequencies.


  • Look for a whistle that is easy to clean. it should not have too many crannies or nooks to trap dirt.
  • Consider the durability as whistles end up taking few scrapes and knocks, so go for a model standing up to wear and tear.
  • Choose an easy to replace whistle. The whistle may look great in antique silver, but in case it gets lost or breaks, getting another same piece is difficult. Thus, set the tone of the whistle that can be replaced.