Gun Safe Reviews by Chris | Centurion 12 Gun Safe By Liberty Safe

I will start off by saying that this is one good looking biometric gun safes. I initially placed it inside a closet but I decided to take it out and place it dead bang inside my bedroom. It is that good looking. Ok so now my actual gun safe review.

As always I decided to do some research first and look at Amazon to see what safes in by budget ($600) are available. I ended up reading a ton of reviews and finally decided to order this safe. It is lined with carpet and very heavy made. I feel like a criminal can’t just put a crowbar between the door and pry it open. No chance at all.

Besides the nice finish it is pretty spacious too. The manufacturer say that it can hold 12 long guns but with scopes on them you’ll probably only fit 9 in there. But I don’t even own 9 scoped long guns so no problem for me. The shelves are fully adjustable and can hold up quite some items. In the top shelve I have my 2 handguns with their respective magazines. On the other shelves I have some boxes of ammunition for the long guns and my shotgun.

I decided to bolt this gun safe to the floor and had to buy four 1/2 inch x 6inch sleeve anchors to securely fit it to the floor. This will never ever come undone and it gives me great confidence that no one is going to be able to just rock the safe loose.

Oh yea, I don’t know if it is with every safe but because they glue the carpet inside the safe it may smell like glue when you first open it. So be sure to leave it open to air out for a couple of days. The combination dial is very smooth and I am confident that it will last a long time. I am not sure if it needs and lubrication or if that is absolutely the wrong thing to do but I will read the manual on that.

All in all this is a great safe to store up to 8 or 9 long guns with optics and their ammunition, maybe a few handguns even. As far as security goes, I am pretty sure that this is a very good safe for its money. But if you want a almost impossible to crack safe be sure to take out your wallet and slap a few grand down. This safe is also limited fireproof but that is not why I bought it so no problem for me. I suggest that you take a look at some other gun safe reviews as well!

I would recommend this guns safe to anyone looking for a decent and good looking safe with lots of storage room!

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