Gun Safe Reviews by Richard | SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe

SentrySafe G1459E 14-Gun Electronic Lock Safe | Gun Safe Reviews

Before I start my actual review I want to say thanks to this website because before I bought a best gun safes for my gun I decided to do a lot of research first. And I picked up a few things from reading the reviews on here. Like the ease of having an electric lock as opposed to fumbling with keys in the dark under stress and all.

Ok why did I want a safe? Well I hunt a lot and I want to keep my kids safe from my firearms. They are very disciplined when it comes to guns but I am not taking any chance. Anyway, I have two long guns and 2 handguns and I wanted something sturdy and spacious. So after doing a TON of research I decided to go with a Sentrysafe, because they came recommended over and over again. Now as for the exact model I thought to myself, what if I want to add to my gun collection, which I am sure to do at some point. So I decided to go with a larger model than my actual needs at THIS moment. That being said, this safe is very spacious and it safes my guns from getting scratched up and all. Also, the top shelf keeps some ammunition and a little box with valuables.

As for my budget, I didn’t want to be a cheapskate on something this important. So I set my budget at $600 including shipping costs. The best part in this is that I wanted to get this safe at something like $600 but then 2 days later the price dropped to $480 something. So I called Amazon customer service and I asked for a return on the price difference, turns out that my payment didn’t go through yet so they invoiced me again with the lower price and so I payed $480. INCLUDING SHIPPING!

I also glued in an extra shelf for a jewelry box and other small valuables. The safe is large enough (or my guns short enough) to leave some extra room. You could also just lower the top shelf by gluing in some wood on the sides.

The delivery process was great, the company called me to go arrange a schedule and date for them to deliver the safe. They came early in the morning so I just needed to take the morning off from work and get back in the evening to install the safe. Great service! Nice guys as well.

Oh yeah, the door opens well and without any ‘squeaks’ or anything like that. Now I would recommend bolting it to the floor. Although it is unlikely for someone to pick it up and walk away with it (unless superman) it is better to be ‘safe’ (no pun intended) that sorry.

All in all I am glad I read some gun safe reviews on this site and Amazon before I decided to make my decision. I am extremely happy with the safe and I feel like money well spent! highly recommended gun safe!

Regards, Richard (Thanks again!)



Technical Details

  • 3 steel live locking bolts and 3 dead bolts
  • Meets or exceeds the California Department of Justice requirements for an approved firearm safety device under CA Penal Code section 12087, et seq
  • Hardened steel plate protects from drill attack
  • Exterior dimensions: 59.0-Inch height by 21.0-Inch width by 17.8-Inch depth
  • Interior dimensions: 57-Inch height by 20.5-Inch width by 16.3-Inch depth

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

Sentry Safe 14-Gun capacity electronic lock security gun safe with solid steel pry-resistant door with concealed hinges to protect against theft and unauthorized entry. Carpeted interior protects priceless guns and collectibles. Satin and bright chrome hardware with lever handle for a high end appearance

Product Description

It can store and protect 14 long guns along with other associated material. Electronic Lock. Meets California Department of Justice Standards for firearm safety. Burglary Rated. Steel safe with powder coat finish comes in Black. External Dimension 59H x 21W x 17.8D It uses three 3 live locking and three 3 dead bolts for security.

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